Strong n Unique Men EDT




Beyond Expectation.
It’s all there, intact, and yet somehow more intense. Parfumer Olivier Cresp (Firmenich), who composed the original fragrance, took to this exercise in interpretation and reinvention with passion and virtuosity.
Rethinking the structure, varying the tonalities, subliming the signature and concentrating the elegance to confirm the identity of a parfume, while revealing a new, more powerful facet of its personality.

The major notes emerge, sustained by new vibrations. Supported from top to base by a distinct woody amber signature, they are stronger and go straight to the heart... To please, to seduce, to touch.
A Woody, Amber, Fresh Fragrance.
Olivier Cresp has created a concentrate of intensity and a true sublimation of the original fragrance.
By enhancing the signature and adding new tonalities in the drydown, the whole fragrance structure is boosted and reveals a new face: deep, authentic, sophisticated, undeniably irresistible.

Top Notes.
Calabrian Bergamot, Italian Mandarin, Violet Leaves Absolute.
On top, the fragrance liberates an immediate sensation of freshness.
The qualitative and performing Italian bergamot and mandarin provide a natural vibration strengthened by the aromatic facets of violet leaves.

Then, the fragrance quickly leads to the sophisticated elegance of the heart notes and the magnetic intensity of the drydown.
Middle Notes.
Bourbon Pepper, Cascalone, Violet Flower.
Supported by the extreme woody amber signature, the intense version emphasizes the unique elegance of the violet flower.
The classic sophistication of powdery violet is twisted with an aquatic overdose of cascalone to bring a powerful breath as well as an innovative touch.

Finally, the heart turns deeper through contrasted Bourbon pepper which releases its strong character.

Base Notes.
Mineral Amber Accord, Dry Woods, Deep Woods.
From top to base, the woody amber signature boosts the fragrance and reveals all its power and charisma.
The authentic dry woody notes of American cedarwood and limbanol are enriched with deep woods: patchouli and Bourbon vetiver. Through its smoky and suave facets, the iconic smell of indonesian patchouli is increased to evoke a captivating masculine seduction.
The exceptional richness and elegance of cetalox finally brings a new technological emotion to the mineral amber sensuality of ambrox.


This new fragrance embodies freshness and elegance, in a very trendy way. Created by perfumer Michel Almairac (of Robertet), who was born and raised in Grasse, the capital of perfumes, it belongs to the aromatic, woody, ambery family.

It starts with a citrus opening, made of an invigorating mix of bergamot, pepper and tangerine, creating a pleasant sparkling effect. It then evolves to disclose a heart made of lavender, patchouli and tonka bean, a trio of notes which gives a noble facet to the perfume, before expressing its woody accord, through a very and long-lasting blend of musk, amber and vetiver.

All in all, Mercedes-Benz Man Blue exhales the scent of a cool yet stylish attitude.