Birdie Swing Designer Tea Diffuser




The Birdie Swing Tea Infuser makes your tea brewing experience more fun.

The Birdie Swing comes with a lid, which is optimal for tea brewing. Click open the steel filter on the birdie, fill with loose tea, snap shut, submerge in hot water, and let steep until desired strength is acquired. Then simply li ft the lid off the cup, flip the lid so that it becomes a drip tray and set down on table.

1. Fill the T-Bird with loose tea.
2. Place it on a cup of hot water. The lid keeps the tea hot a little longer.
3. Once brewed, turn the lid over to use as a drip-tray.

Design by Pernille Vea

Materials: Plastic, silicone, and stainless steel.

Note: Package includes Birdie Diffuser ONLY (Mug / Glass not included)