Aria Series Made In Italy Crystal Wine Glass




Natural glass has existed since the beginnings of time.
Natural mountain crystal, is a precious stone called rock crystal cool to the touch. Because of this property, and the stone's visual resemblance to ice, it was called "crystal" after the Greek word krýstallos meaning ice.

Crystalmanufactured by RCR is a prestigious material.
The 24% lead oxide content makes crystal different from ordinary glass.
Thanks to this percentage crystal is more sparkling, luminous, brilliant and has a marvellous sonority.
Thanks to this percentage crystal approaches the optical properties of diamonds: crystal is 40% more sparkling than ordinary glass.
Thanks to this percentage crystal emits a ringing tone when you rap it with its unique lasting tonality, instead glass emits a dull sound.

Crystal is also more ductile and workable, it can be cut so as to enhance its brilliance.
Crystal is emotional and in fact we can make a real CRYSTAL SENSORY ANALYSIS:
SIGHT: crystal is absolutely transparent and colourless;
HEARING: crystal is a unique ringing and lasting tonality;
TASTE: crystal is tasting experiences of aromas and perfumes;
TOUCH: crystal is smooth thanks to the accurate fire finishing of surface and rim.

RCR CRYSTAL is an experience of beauty!