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Clarendelle Rouge is a wine that exhibits more balance and elegance than power.

Thanks to a skilful blend of three traditional Bordeaux grape varieties (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc), this is a wine of character with a subtle structure.
Making the most of the complementary qualities of each variety, oenologists from Domaine Clarence Dillon and the team from Clarence Dillon Wines produce very well-balanced wine.


Tasting notes
The wine has a brilliant, intense garnet-red colour. The bouquet is complex and fruity, with ripe berry overtones. Great care was taken to extract silky tannin. The fresh acidity contributes to the wine's attractive fruitiness and delicious flavours. Furthermore, there is a long, powerful aftertaste and a beautiful finish. Altogether smooth, elegant, and balanced. 

Serving suggestions
Serving temperature: 18°-20°C
We suggest you open and decant Clarendelle Rouge
one hour before serving it. 

Grape varieties
57 % Merlot
30 % Cabernet Sauvignon
13 % Cabernet Franc   




Clarendelle Blanc reflects the subtle, well-balanced structure of white wines from Domaine Clarence Dillon.

It features all the complexity and mystery of its illustrious cousins. Clarendelle Blanc is a fine blend of two traditional grape varieties, Sémillon and Sauvignon Blanc, as well as a touch of Muscadelle in certain vintages.

Tasting notes
Beautiful golden-yellow colour with green highlights. The wine is round, rich, and luscious on the palate. The bouquet features aromas often found in sweet white wines, with hints of apricot, white peaches, and grapefruit. The wine shows great minerality along with fresh, powerful fruit flavours, as well as the concentration and structure of a great white wine. 2015 Clarendelle ticks all the boxes for a great vintage!

Serving suggestions
Ideal temperature: 10 - 12.5°C.
This wine can be served immediately after uncorking,
without decanting.

Grape varieties
49 % Sémillon
45 % Sauvignon blanc
6 % Muscadelle