Dare to Pink!

Rose wine has become incredibly popular. It happens to be the perfect wine for sipping in the park or at the backyard BBQ.
Unlike white grapes that become white wine & red grapes become red wine, pink grapes don't exist!
So, how do winemakers create a style of wine that always has such a beautiful pink color?
The answer is: Skin contact.

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E GUIGAL Tavel Rose 750ml

Country: France

IDR 515.000


Country: Indonesia

IDR 235.000

CAPE DISCOVERY Rose 375ml - 3 Bottles

Country: Indonesia

IDR 399.000

DE BORTOLI Sacred Hill Rose 750ml

Country: Australia

IDR 350.000

MONKEY BAY Rose Wine 750ml

Country: New Zealand

IDR 419.000

PIPOLI Rosato Basilicata 750ml

Country: Italy

IDR 385.000