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A fragrance as radiant as love at first sight… Éclat d’Arpège divulges the velvety sweetness of lilac and peach blossoms, with a subtle base of cedar and white musk. A breath of springtime saturated with sensuality and luminosity.




There are romantic lovers, spontaneous lovers, cheeky lovers… Women who aren’t afraid to say “Marry me!” Lanvin has dedicated this perfume to these women. A floral concoction infused with “joie de vivre,” the fragrance combines the sensuality of sambac jasmine with the vivacity of bitter orange. A true love elixir, in a deliciously couture bow-shaped bottle.




Lanvin l'Homme Sport is the manifesto of a manhood full of vitality, expressive of and borne out of an instinctive and aristocratic lightness. The woody aromatic Eau de Cologne is like a concentrate of pure energy: vibrant, fresh; it is a perfume full of texture.


Opens on a bracing citrusy splash accord with notes of lemon, bergamot, a hint of pepper, and bergamot. The aromatic facet is displayed in the heart with lavender and sage. Finally, the naturally elegant woodsy signature unfolds in the base with notes of patchouli from Indonesia, a wisp of moss and musks.